Evangelia (Matt. XVII.4-9, XIX.4-12).

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Evangelia (Matt. XVII.4-9, XIX.4-12).
Foliation One bifolium considerably cut down and used as a front fly-leaf of a paper MS., the first recto of the bifolium being pasted down on the wooden board (the main MS., foll. 134 + 2 blank leaves, contains Joannes de Capistrano De Usuris, De Conscientia, foll. 1-86, Institutio Confessorum, foll. 87-134, and part of S. Antoninus, Summa, all in Italian Gothic saec. XIV-XV; the end fly-leaf is a bifolium from a liturgical MS. with neums saec. XI-XII). Foll. 2; cut down to 205 X 150 mm., calculated written space ca. 220 X 140 mm. in 2 columns of 19 lines of which 16 survive.
Comments Origin probably Bobbio. The MS. was cut up and used by the binder in the fifteenth century. The main MS. has the Bobbio inventory number 307.

Spelling shows the characteristically Irish misuse of s and ss: 'dimisam' for 'dimissam'. A number of larger letters at the beginnings of verses are decorated by red dots along the outline and also on top of the black; no other decoration. Parchment is not of the Insular type. Script is a bold calligraphic Irish majuscule.
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Ambros. D. 10 sup. (front fly-leaves)
CLA 3.327