Isidorus, Liber Differentiarum (XXXVII.146-XL. 167).

Origin Uncertain (probably Ireland)
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Isidorus, Liber Differentiarum (XXXVII.146-XL. 167).
Foliation Foll. 2 (two separate leaves, or rather squares of tough calf-skin, probably from the same quire); 250 X 200 mm. < 224 X 180 mm.> in 40-47 lines.
Comments Origin uncertain, probably Ireland. Formerly used as fly-leaves to the Insular MS. of Orosius, Ambros. D. 23 sup. (see C.L.A., 3.328).

Spelling shows confusion of vowels (costodit, conpriemit), and the characteristically Irish misuse of s and ss (prodese, amise, obpossuerunt). Barbarous word division at line-ends: p-ermixtus, secundi-s. Script is an ungainly, inexpert, imitative Irish majuscule. Fol. 2.
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Ambros.*D. 23. sup.
CLA 3.329