Explanatio in Evangelium S. Iohannis.

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Explanatio in Evangelium S. Iohannis.
Foliation Foll. 4, made up of 2 bifolia; ca. 210 X ca. 165 mm. < 180-190 X 140 mm.> in 19 or 27 long lines.
Comments Written by an Irish scribe under Continental influence, presumably at Bobbio. The entire MS. was No. 156 in the inventory of 1461.

Script is a somewhat crude Irish minuscule not of the pure type; strokes are ill-joined and in general letters incline to the left; shafts of tall letters are club-shaped and lack the typical Insular finial; a letter at the beginning of a sentence occasionally encloses the letter following.
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VIII ex.
Shelfmark Ambros. F. 60 sup. (foll. 50, 52-54).
CLA 3.339