Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Evangelia.
Foliation Foll. 89 (the entire MS. contains 92 folios; the original MS. of the Gospels ends on fol. 89; for the palimpsest folios 90-91 in half-uncial over Ulfilas in Gothic uncial saec. VI, now kept separately, see C.L.A., 3.351; fol. 92 contains three Bobbio charters of the year 1210); 232 X 174 mm. in 21-39 long lines.
Comments Written by Irish scribes, probably at Bobbio. Used liturgically over a long period: two rubrics were inserted in fourteenth-fifteenth-century Gothic minuscule (foll. 82-83), and the same hand touched up, with red, capitals in the lesson from John read in Holy Week. The fifteenth-century Bobbio ex-libris with the No. 6 stands on fol. 1 and (without the number) on fol. 2. It was No. 6 in the inventory of 1461. The MS. is remarkable for its text.

Script is an Irish majuscule by more than one hand. Marginal entries in various Irish hands (fol. 15, etc.).
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VII2.
Shelfmark Ambros. I. 61 sup.
CLA 3.350