Augustinus, Tractatus in Epistulam I Iohannis IV, VI-VII.

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Augustinus, Tractatus in Epistulam I Iohannis IV, VI-VII.
Foliation Foll. 2 (one bifolium numbered i and ii, now used as front fly-leaves to a MS. of 191 folios containing Concilia, etc. in Caroline minuscule saec. IX); now cut down to 230 X 200 mm., width of written space ca. 185 mm., calculated length ca. 270 mm.; about 41 lines survive, and approximately 7 lines are lost at the top and bottom of page, so that a full page probably counted 48 lines.
Comments Written apparently in Ireland. The main MS. was presented to the monastery in the ninth century by Abbot Agilulfus, as is seen from the verses entered on fol. 191 at the end of the volume. The usual Bobbio ex-libris and the number 136 are seen in the top and bottom margins of fol. 1.

Script is an expert Irish minuscule. Initials are uncoloured and are mostly simple in design. Accents occur on monosyllables and on long is in final syllables.
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Ambros. M. 67 sup. (fly-leaves).
CLA 3.355