Pseudo-Augustinus, Hypomnesticon; 'Ambrosiaster' in Epistulas Pauli.

Origin North Italy/Insular Centre
Script Insular Minuscule
Contents Pseudo-Augustinus, Hypomnesticon; 'Ambrosiaster' in Epistulas Pauli.
Foliation For the part of the Vatican MS., foll. 1-33, see C.L.A., 1.5a. At one time the 'Ambrosiaster', now the Florence MS., occupied a position in the Vatican MS. between the Augustinus in Epist. Pauli (with which the quire-marks are continuous) and the Ps.-Augustinus, Hypomnesticon. Foll. 93 (18 in Vatican - foliated 34-51 - and 75 in Florence; ca. 265 X 195 mm. in 37-39 long lines.
Comments Written in North Italy in an Insular centre. The whole MS. was inserted in its present place among the Vaticani by Cardinal Mai to replace a printed book. The Laurentian MS. has on a paper fly-leaf the arms of 'Le Comte D. Boutourlin' and later belonged to Lord Ashburnham.

Script is a debased Irish minuscule, crowded and ungainly, apparently under continental influence, but some contemporary marginalia are in pure Insular.
City Vatican City
Library Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Saec VIII ex.
Shelfmark Vatic. Palat. Lat. 491 (foll. 34-51) + Florence, Laur. Ashburnham 60 [16]
CLA 1.5b