Grammatica et Patristica Varia.

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Grammatica et Patristica Varia.
Foliation Palimpsest, secondary script, consisting of one quinion (foll. 42*-46, 71-75) enclosing another quinion (foll. 47-56) and a septenion (foll. 57-70), which may have been inserted later (for the primary scripts, Actus Apostolorum, etc. in half-uncial saec. VI on foll. 42*, 43-56, 71-75, and Epistula Apocrypha Apostolorum in uncial saec. VI2 on foll. 60, 67, see C.L.A., 3.395 and 3.396; the remaining folios, 62-65, contain Dioscorides in Greek uncial saec. VI; and the bifolia 57 and 70, 58 and 69, 59 and 68, 61 and 66, come from four other medical MSS. in Greek uncial saec. VII). Foll. 34; ca. 230 X 180 mm. < ca. 200 X 140-160 mm.> partly in 2 columns, partly in long lines of varying number.
Comments Written doubtless at Bobbio. On the second leaf (fol. 43) is the fifteenth-century ex-libris, 'Liber sancti columbani de bobio'.; Removed probably at Parrhasius (†1522), passed later to Antonio Seripando (†1531), and from him to his brother Girolamo, Cardinal Archbishop of Salerno (†1563), who left his library to the Augustinians of S. Giovanni a Carbonara, Naples. Removed to Vienna in 1717 and returned to Naples in 1919.

Script is a finely penned Irish minuscule by many hands. Modest initials of the Insular type in black with a tendency to enclose the letter or letters following, or to combine in monogram. The opening words of a section are occasionally in Irish majuscule.
City Naples
Library Biblioteca Nazionale
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Lat. 2 (Vindobon. 16) (foll. 42*-75).
CLA 3.394