Charisius, Ars Grammatica; Servius de Centum Metris.

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Charisius, Ars Grammatica; Servius de Centum Metris.
Foliation Palimpsest, secondary script (for the primary scripts, viz. Paralipomena in half-uncial saec. VI on foll. 1-24, Lucan in Rustic capital saec. IV on foll. 25-35, and Digesta in uncial saec. VI on foll. 36-39, see C.L.A., 3.401, 3.392, and 3.402; all now taken apart and kept between glass). Foll. 39; ca. 305 X 235 mm. <270 X 210 mm.> for the most part in colums of 56-70 lines or more.
Comments Written doubtless at Bobbio, probably at the same time as Hieronymus over Lucan (see C.L.A., 3.391). The familiar fifteenth-century ex-libris 'Liber sancti columbani de bobio' is on fol. 38. Obtained probably before 1504 by Parrhasius (†1522), passed later to Antonio Seripando (†1531), and from him to his brother Girolamo, Cardinal Archbishop of Salerno (†1563), who left his library to the Augustinians of S. Giovanni a Carbonara, Naples.

Script is a finely penned Irish minuscule by several hands. At the beginning of sections, two or more letters are often bound in monogram or nestle within the bow of the initial letter.
City Naples
Library Biblioteca Nazionale
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark IV. A. 8 (foll. 1-39).
CLA 3.400