Liturgica, Hymni (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Insular Majuscule
Contents Liturgica, Hymni (fragm.).
Foliation Three bifolia, much damaged by the fire of 1904. Original size ca. 260 X 220 mm., now shrunk to 245 X 205 mm. < 215-220 X 165mm.> in 21 long lines.
Comments Written doubtless in Ireland. Liturgically the MS. is very similar to the Bangor Antiphonary, Milan, Ambros. C. 5 inf. (C.L.A., 3.311) and has probably had a similar history.

Spelling shows familiar Irish faults: perfussi, preccepta. Many initials or monograms in Insular style, filled with red, purple, and yellow and decorated by groups of red dots; on the page containing the Benedicite, coloured initials of B stand under each other in a chain. Membranes very thick, prepared in the Insular manner. Script is a rather coarse Irish majuscule by a not very expert scribe: d, n are minuscule; R is regularly uncial; S has both uncial and half-uncial forms; Y is typically Irish, with both branches curving to the right. Some notes in Old-Irish.
City Turin
Library Biblioteca Nazionale
Saec VIII in.
Shelfmark F. IV. 1 Fasc. 9.
CLA 4.454