Epistula Secunda Petri (I-II. 13).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Epistula Secunda Petri (I-II. 13).
Foliation One leaf, partly palimpest, lower script (the upper script contains Sermo in Laudem S. Lucae in minuscule saec. XI), used as the last leaf of a MS. of 93 folios; cut down to 265 X 180 mm. in ca. 40 lines of which 38 survive.
Comments Written presumably in Ireland. Rewritten at Bobbio saec. XI. The main MS., to which our leaf was added, is composite: foll. 1-60, containing Walafrid Strabo's life of St. Gall, have the familiar Bobbio ex-libris but no number; foll. 61-68, with the Vita S. Antonini, have the same ex-libris and the number 153, as well as the fifteenth-century ex-libris (Congregation of St. Justin) and the number 69. Both these parts may have reached Bobbio from elsewhere, but foll. 69-93, containing Vita S. Nicolai and Sermo in Laudem S. Lucae, are in Bobbio script.

Script is a rapid Irish minuscule: a and q are open at the top. Numerous glosses in Old-Irish; a few in Latin by a somewhat later Irish hand using a stylus.
City Turin
Library Biblioteca Nazionale
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark F. IV. 24 (fol. 93).
CLA 4.457