Evangelia (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Evangelia (fragm.).
Foliation Partly palimpsest, lower script (the upper script contains Domenico Cavalca, Esposizione sopra il Credo saec. XV; leaves from several other MSS. were used in order to copy this work, the most recent being a liturgical MS. saec. XII-XIII, the oldest being the Irish Gospel fragments here described, which perished in the fire of 1904; two bifolia, with miniatures, survive: one of there (foll. 1v/2) was an addition; in the entire MS. foll. 189); original size 280 X 196 mm. in two columns of 22 lines.
Comments Written presumably in Ireland. Reached Bobbio apparently not before the eleventh century. Not in the inventory of 1461. Re-used in the fifteenth century, along with leaves from other MSS., to copy a vernacular treatise by Cavalca, the Irish miniatures, curiously enough , remaining intact. Brought to Turin probably after the supression of the monastery in 1803. The entire MS., with the exception of the miniature pages, was destoyed in the fire of 1904. Their escape was due to the fact that they had been removed for photographing.

Script is a stately Irish majuscule. Coloured initials of Insular type were spared, for some reason, when the text was erased.
City Turin
Library Biblioteca Nazionale
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark O. IV. 20.
CLA 4.466