Excerpta ex Arte Consentii (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Insular Majuscule and Minuscule
Contents Excerpta ex Arte Consentii (fragm.).
Foliation Fragment of one leaf, numbered 123 in miscellany of 141 folios; now cut down to 92 X 182 mm. with 13 long lines surviving.
Comments Written probably in Ireland.

Accents over some monosyllables. Abbreviations include the typically Insular symbols. Script: pointed Insular minuscule or majuscule of a small type is used for the metrical examples from Virgil.
City Paris
Library Bibliothèque Nationale
Saec VIII2.
Shelfmark Bibl. Nat. Lat. 1411 (fol. 123).
CLA 5.610