Origin Uncertain
Script Insular Majuscule
Contents Evangelia.
Foliation Foll. 109; 304 X 240 mm. <250 X 195 mm.> in 27-29 long lines.
Comments Origin uncertain: a Breton centre seems likely, but Cornwall or Wales are not to be excluded. The colophon on fol. 109 mentions Holcundus as the scribe's name. Provenance St. Gatien, Tours (No. 8 of the old catalogue). Stolen by Libri in 1842 (No. 14 of his collection). The entries on fol. 53 (Pippinus rix francorum') and on fol. 109 ('monasterii S. Zenonis maioris Veronae') were forged by Libri. Bought by Lord Ashburnham in 1847; acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale in 1888.

Script is a crude and rather awkward specimen of Celtic majuscule. On fol. 1 is the name UUARNERIUS in elongated letters saec. IX. In the lower margin of the last page (fol. 109) one reads the name Tinmocniam.
City Paris
Library Bibliothèque Nationale
Shelfmark Bibl. Nat. Lat. Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1587.
CLA 5.684