Rituale (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Rituale (fragm.).
Foliation One folio, used as front fly-leaf in an eleventh-century Missal of 268 folios written for Murbach (the present verso was originally the recto); cut down to 245 X 190 mm. in 18 or more long lines.
Comments Written doubtless in Ireland. The surviving leaf was used as fly-leaf in a Missal written for a monastery at Murbach. Came to Colmar during the Revolution.

Rather crude initials of Insular type employing the human figure, interlacing, and fancy dog motifs, coloured violet and pale red; small initials in bold black, surrounded by red dots and occasionally daubed with ochre. Script is bold, not very expert Irish majuscule. Scribbles by a fifteenth-century hand are seen on the verso.
City Colmar
Library Bibliothèque Municipale
Saec VIII2.
Shelfmark Bibl. Municip. 444 (fly-leaf).
CLA 6.757