Isidorus, Differentiae (II. 36-37, 39-40).

Origin Britain or Continental centre with Insular connections
Script Insular Majuscule
Contents Isidorus, Differentiae (II. 36-37, 39-40).
Foliation One bifolium, used as fly-leaves in a tenth-century manuscript of 132 folios containing Hieronymus in Prophetas minores; now cut down to 245 X ca. 170 mm. in 26-29 long lines.
Comments Written by a scribe of modest ability either in Britain or in a Continental centre with Insular connections. Provenance St. Bertin: a twelfth-century entry of fol. 132v reads: 'Liber S. Bertini'; the familiar XIV-XV-century ex-libris on fol. 3.

Small crude initials, surrounded by red dots; capitals at beginning of sentences are daubed with red, now oxydized. Membranes prepared in the Insular manner. Script is a crude Insular majuscule by an inexpert and probably aged hand.
City St. Omer
Library Bibliothèque Municipale
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Bibl. Municip. 279 (foll. 1-2).
CLA 6.827