Glossae Super Amos (fragm.).

Origin Ireland/Wales
Script Insular Majuscule and Minuscule
Contents Glossae Super Amos (fragm.).
Foliation One leaf, used as a fly-leaf and bound upside down in a manuscript of 106 folios (numbered A,B+104) containing a Lectionarium Missae and Passio S. Dionysii in Caroline minuscule saec. X; a series of Anglo-Saxon names is entered at the foot of fol. 104 in tenth-century script; no margins survive, and the text is now cut down to 277 X 190 mm. in 2 colums of at least 52 lines.
Comments Written in Ireland or Wales. Provenance St. Bertin.

Spelling shows frequent confusion of o and u and the usual Insular misuse of s and ss. No ornamentation; many passages being with a group of letters gradually diminishing in size - an Insular feature. Script is Insular majuscule and minuscule, passages often beginning with the higher and continuing with the lower script; at the foot of columns the scribe even drops into cursive minuscule. Celtic vernacular glosses occur.
City St. Omer
Library Bibliothèque Municipale
Shelfmark Bibl. Municip. 342 bis (fol. B).
CLA 6.828