Evangelia (Luc. I. 12-32; II. 43-III. 9).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Evangelia (Luc. I. 12-32; II. 43-III. 9).
Foliation Two folios forming a bifolium, probably the third from the centre of a quire, now paginated 101-104 in a miscellany of fragments; 270 x 210 mm. <218 X 160 mm.> in 20 long lines.
Comments Written doubtless in Ireland. Used as early as the fifteenth century as a jacket for a manuscript of Boethius; the entry 'Boethius 15. I de sancta trinitate' (saec. XV) is seen in the margin of p. 104.

Accents over monosyllables and some long syllables (eís, dicéns). Spelling shows Insular peculiarities: 'gabrehel', 'ingresus', 'possita', 'offici' but 'hiís'. Script is a roundish Irish majuscule by a not very expert scribe.
City St. Gall
Library Stiftsbibliothek
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark 1394 (pp. 101-104).
CLA 7.980
Image Source http://www.e-codices.unifr.ch/en/csg/1394/102/medium