Missa pro Defunctis (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Missa pro Defunctis (fragm.).
Foliation Two folios, paginated 430-433 in a miscellany of fragments; the bifolium, formerly incomplete at the top, has been completed by a strip taken from the binding of St. Gall MS. 47; ca. 225 X 170 mm. < 207 X ca. 140 mm.> in 21 long lines.
Comments Written doubtless in Ireland. Lessons from the Bible are Old Latin (p). St. Gall MS. 1395, pp. 444-447, and Zürich MS. A.G. 19, No. XXXVI (C.L.A.,7.991 and 7.1012) are similar in content and size. Our fragment was used to strengthen bindings.

Accents occur over monosyllables and long i in final syllables. Abbreviations are confined to b; = bus, and the normal forms of Nomina Sacra. Spelling shows typical Insular confusion of s and ss ('quassi'). Initials outlined in bold black, decorated with small spirals, ropes, and triangular groups of three dots; a human head in typical Irish style is hidden in the foot of initial I (see p.430). Vellum of the Insular type. Ink black. Script is a large Irish minuscule. A number of probationes pennae saec. X or XI occur in the margin; also a pen-and-ink sketch of a nude body.
City St. Gall
Library Stiftsbibliothek
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark 1395 (pp.430-433).
CLA 7.989
Image Source http://www.e-codices.unifr.ch/en/csg/1395/431/medium