Augustinus de Musica (Lib. V, Cap. 5).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Augustinus de Musica (Lib. V, Cap. 5).
Foliation One folio survives; ca. 230 X ca. 175 mm. <195 X ca. 135 mm.> in 32 long lines.
Comments Written presumably in Ireland.

Accents occur over monosyllables. Abbreviations include numerous Irish forms. Script is rather angular Irish minuscule, with letters markedly inclined to the right. The entry 'inomine dei', apparently in the hand of the scribe, stands in the upper margin of p. 436.
City St. Gall
Library Stiftsbibliothek
Saec VII-IX.
Shelfmark 1395 (pp. 436-437).
CLA 7.990
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