Fragmentum Argumenti Incerti.

Origin Insular Centre, presumably in Ireland
Script Insular Majuscule
Contents Fragmentum Argumenti Incerti.
Foliation One narrow strip, removed from MS. 25, a manuscript of 79 folios containing Augustini Homiliae saec. XI-XII, where it was bound between foll. 7 and 8; the fragment measures 240 X ca. 14 mm. in 20 or more lines, with only a few letters in each line surviving.
Comments Written in an Insular centre, presumably in Ireland, to judge by the script. Provenance the monastery of Allerheiligen at Schaffhausen. The volume from which the fragment was taken has the fourteenth-century ex-lirbis: 'Ister liber est monasat. Scaph. (fol. 1).

Initials in bold black of the typical Insular form. Vellum of Insular type. Script is Insular majuscule, probably Irish rather than Anglo-Saxon.
City Schaffhausen
Library Stadtbibliothek
Saec VII ex.
Shelfmark MIN. 25 a.
CLA 7.999