Lectionarium (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Insular Majuscule
Contents Lectionarium (fragm.).
Foliation One folio, numbered 32 in a miscellany of fragments, the verso preceeding the recto; cut down to 235 X 170 mm. in two columns of which 20 lines remain.
Comments Written probably in Ireland. The leaf formed part of the Ferdinand Keller collection which he bequeathed to the Antiquarische Gesellschaft of Zürich.

Spelling marred by Insular peculiarities: possita; the text is very carelessly written, with whole syllables omitted (at line-end). Initials and capitals in bold black. Vellum greasy. Ink now dark brown. Script is a late and not very expert Insular majuscule.
City Zürich
Library Staatsarchiv
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark A.G. 19, No. XVI (foll. 32=pp. 77-78).
CLA 7.1010