Rituale (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Rituale (fragm.).
Foliation Two folios, forming one bifolium, paginated 117-118, in a miscellany of fragments; cut down to ca. 212 < X ca. 165 mm. in 19 long lines (including the blank lines reserved for headings).
Comments Written presumably in Ireland. The fragment may be compared for size and content with C.L.A., 7.989 and 7.991. The manuscript was apparently discarded in the eleventh century, to judge from the probationes pennae which are Continental. Later is was used as a jacket to a volume entitle 'Liber de artibus' (saec. XII).

Spelling good. Rubrics have not been filled out. The prayers begin with larger black letters followed by letters gradually diminishing in size - an Insular feature. Vellum of Insular type. Ink black. Script is Irish minuscule one step removed from majuscule.
City Zürich
Library Staatsarchiv
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark A.G. 19, No. XXXVI (fol. 57=pp. 117/118).
CLA 7.1