Sacramentarium (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Sacramentarium (fragm.).
Foliation Palimpsest, lower script (the upper script of the whole manuscript contains Priscian written in Irish minuscule saec. IX med. by the same scribe who wrote the MSS. Aug. CLXVII and CXCV, also containing Irish palimpsests, cf. C.L.A., 8.1085 and C.L.A., 8.1088 ff.; for the other palimpsest in this manuscript, containing Daniel in Irish majuscule saec. VIII, see C.L.A., 8.1083). One folio, numbered 18, inserted in a manuscript of 107 folios; size of main codex 300 X 215 mm.; size of our leaf 261 X 180 mm. <215 X 158 mm.> in 16 long lines.
Comments Written probably in Ireland. Rewritten in the ninth century with Priscian by an Irishman whose books remained at Reichenau.

Vellum of Insular type. One simple initial is visible. Script is Irish majuscule.
City Carlsruhe
Library Landesbibliothek
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark AUG. CXXXII (fol. 18).
CLA 8.1083