Sacramentarium (fragm.).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Sacramentarium (fragm.).
Foliation Palimpsest, lower script (the upper script contains Beda de temporum ratione written in Irish minuscule saec. IX med. by the same scribe that wrote MSS. Aug. CXXXII and CXCV, cf. C.L.A., 8.1083 f. and C.L.A., 8.1088 ff.; four other Irish palimpsests in this same volume, too illegible to be more than enumerated, are: (I) foll. 15/18, apparently in minuscule saec. VIII; (2) foll. 16/17, in majuscule saec. VIII; (3) foll. 24, 25, 27(?), 29, 33(?), 35, 36, apparently biblical or liturgical in majuscule saec. VIII; (4) foll. 38, 40-47, 49, grammatical in minuscule, probably saec. IX, with script more legible on fol. 41v). One folio; 285 X 200 mm.
Comments Written probably in Ireland. Rewritten in the ninth century with Bede by an Irishman who used many palimpsests and whose books remained at Reichenau.

Vellum of Insular type. Script is Irish majuscule. Recto.
City Carlsruhe
Library Landesbibliothek
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark AUG. CLXVII (fol. 34).
CLA 8.1085