Hieronymus, Epistulae.

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish and Cursive Minuscule
Contents Hieronymus, Epistulae.
Foliation Palimpsest, upper script (for the lower script of foll. 1-6, 10-13, Proverbia Salomonis in uncial. Saec. V-VI, see next item; the lower script of foll. 7-9, 14-15 contains fragments of Passio. S. Georgii in Greek and uncial saec. VI). Fifteen folios, now taked apart and kept in a box along with modern transcriptions of both the upper and lower scripts (foll. 12-13 recto have no upper script), ca. 190 ca. 125 mm. <162- 170 X 95-100 mm.> in 20-24 long lines.
Comments Written doubtless at Bobbio, to judge from the script and other palaeographical features.

Script is partly Irish minuscule (foll. 13v -15), partly Italian cursive minuscule (foil. 13v- 15); the Irish hand seems identical with one of the scribes of Naples MS. Lat. 2 (foll. 42*-75) (C.L.A., 3.394, facs. b). The Italian script resembles certain hands found in Milan Ambros. L. 99 sup. (C.L.A., 3.353).
City Vienna
Library Nationalbibliothek
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark Lat. 954.
CLA 10.15