Iob (XXXIII. 24-XXXIV. 22).

Origin Ireland
Script Irish Majuscule
Contents Iob (XXXIII. 24-XXXIV. 22).
Foliation One folio and a narrow strip showing only a few letters of its conjugate leaf, now numbered 172 and bound with the verso first as back fly-leaf of a manuscript of 171 folios (the catalogue says 86 by error) containing a commentary on the Minor Prophets saec. X ex.; size of the spread-out fragment 242 X 215 mm. width of the single leaf. ca. 190 mm. <240 X 160 mm.> in 23 long liness.
Comments Written presumably in Ireland. The tenth-century volume for which our fragment serves as fly-leaf formerly belonged to the monastery of St. Martin on the Moselle (cf. the ex-libris saec. XII at the top of fol. 1v).

Script is a not very regular Irish majuscule. Punctuation rare: the main pause is occasionally marked by a square-shaped point, as in the Book of Kells (C.L.A., 2.274).
City Ghent
Library Bibliothèque de l'Université
Saec VIII.
Shelfmark 254 (Catal. 445) (fol. 172).
CLA 10.1557