Iordanes, Getica (Praef., I-XLV. 236).

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Iordanes, Getica (Praef., I-XLV. 236).
Foliation Twelve folios survive; ca. 325 X ca. 250 mm. in 2 columns of 43-48 lines. Bounding lines must have existed, but none for guiding the script, a feature to be seen in some other manuscripts connected with the Irish (cf. C.L.A., 7.869).
Comments Written presumably at Bobbio, to judge by the similarity of the script with Irish manuscripts from Bobbio now in Naples, Turin, and Vienna (C.L.A., 3.394, 4.452, 10.1492). Later history unknown. Acquired by the art historian Nino Basile, who presented it to the Archivio di Stato di Palermo.

Larger letters gradually diminishing in size open some sentences. The membranes used are vellum. Ink brown. Script is a rapid, uncalligraphic Irish minuscule, apparently by the hand which wrote the Berne fragment of Josephus' Antiquitates, Cod. 756 no. 76 (incorrectly described in C.L.A., 7.869, as a Commentary on Leviticus and as Anglo-Saxon), and shows considerable resemblance to the manuscript of Theodorus Mopsuestenus in Turin (C.L.A., 4.452); cf. also Naples Lat. 2, foll. 42*-75 (C.L.A., 3.394, facs. b) and Vienna Lat. 954, foll. 1-11v (C.L.A., 10.1492).
City Palermo
Library Archivio di Stato
Saec VIII2.
Shelfmark Codice Basile.
CLA 12.1741