Orationale - 'The Bangor Antiphonary'

Origin Bangor, Northern Ireland
Script Irish Minuscule
Contents Orationale - 'The Bangor Antiphonary'
Foliation Foll. 36, of unequal size: the first four are considerably damaged and most of the smaller ones are insertions; maximum dimensions 235 X 190 mm. <210 X 160 mm., with wide variation> in 24 long lines in the first quire, in the rest of the MS. in 2 columns of 24-28 lines.
Comments Written at Bangor in northern Ireland during the abbacy of Colman (680-691), according to the hymn entered by a contemporary hand on the last page. This makes the MS. one of the important landmarks in Insular calligraphy. There is no precise record of the time it reached Bobbio, nor any sign of its having been used there. A MS. of similar contents and doubtless with a similar history survives in part in Turin F. IV. 1, fasc. 9. The present binding of our MS. dates from 1913.

Initials of the characteristic Irish type in black, decorated with groups of three red dots, or by red dots along the entire outline; not infrequently the first two letters are in ligature; letters after some initials are large and gradually diminish to the normal size. Script is an early example of Irish minuscule by more than one hand.
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VII ex. (A.D. 680-691)
Shelfmark Ambros. C. 5 inf.
CLA 3.311