Basilius, Regula (imperf.).

Origin Bobbio
Script Irish Majuscule verging on Minuscule
Contents Basilius, Regula (imperf.).
Foliation Foll. 50; 210 X 150 mm. < 155 X 105 mm.> in 27-28 long lines.
Comments Written probably at Bobbio. The familiar Bobbio ex-libris with number 40 stands at the top of fol. 1.

Red is used for the recurrent rubrics 'interrogatio' and 'responsio', written in the script of the text; on foll. 15, 28, 36, simple initials in black outline the red dots superimposed on the black - an Insular feature. Script is a peculiar, not very expert type of Irish majuscule verging on minuscule, written by a scribe not native to the Irish manner it bears some resemblance to the script of the Codex Usserianus Primus (C.L.A., 2.271) and that of the Ambrosian MS. of Orosius (C.L.A., 3.328).
City Milan
Library Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Saec VII ex.
Shelfmark Ambros. C. 26 sup.
CLA 3.312